Septic Waste Pretreatment Plants

Septic sewage in some occasions is delivered with bowsers to the sewage treatment facilities. Pretreatment of these streams is made possible by introducing a pretreatment system.

In its simplest form this may be a fine screening installed in a stainless steel or concrete channel such as CHANNEL SCREW SCREENS. This unit is an economical solution but it does not remove Fat, Oil, Grease and grit.

For a more sophisticated and effective solution to the pretreatment of septic sewage a standard compact pretreatment unit may be introduced such as PREFABRICATED PACKAGE TREATMENT UNITS.  In this case, the unit may be installed at an elevation to allow gravity flow from the bowser or an intermediate lifting pumping station may be required.

It is normal to use a flow control motorised valve at the inlet of this septage pretreatment units to eliminate the possibility of overflowing if the feed flow rate is excessive of the equipment is malfunctioning.

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