Water and wastewater engineering covers a broad range of conditions and limitations unique to each setting. Because of the broad range of project-specific conditions, applied water and wastewater engineering is an advanced technological field that requires both scientific and empirical engineering knowledge.

Through a variety of services, we aim at conveying EUROMARKET's long expertise to the maximum benefit of our clients. Our clients benefit from over two-decades of EUROMARKET's expertise in water and wastewater engineering services such as consulting, auditing, training and educating.

Consulting services

Our consulting services include the following:
  • Process technology selection
  • Process design
  • Project outline
  • Tender specifications preparation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Auditing services

Our auditing services for existing facilities include the following:
  • Performance evaluation of existing installations
  • Trouble shooting
  • Identification of upgrading requirements
  • Opportunities arising from the use of new technologies and or equipment
  • Training services

Our training services include the following:
  • Training for the operation and maintenance of all new installations constructed by Euromarket is a standard service for the end clients
  • Specific training modules to meet client requirements upon request
  • Seminars

We organize educational seminars for the:
  • Presentation of novel treatment processes
  • Presentation of new product developments