MBBR - Capsule Domestic Units

CAPSULES Sewage treatment plants compact units designed to treat the wastewater generated by a single house or a limited numbers of houses.

These plants are Euromarket’s proprietary designs and are based on an advanced biological treatment process, the Moving Bed Biofilm Process MBBR™ (Licensed by AnoxKaldnes AS).

The MBBR™ Process is based on the ability to develop aerobic bacteria culture on a protected plastic media surface.The media are kept in suspension by the air that is diffused into the aerobic reactor to maintain the bacteria alive. In turn, the bacteria population biodegrades the organic waste compounds and superior quality effluent is produced.

The anaerobic reactor receives the raw sewage and ensures the removal of most of the suspended matter. In addition, it achieves reduction of the pollutants and removal of oil and grease before the Introduction of pretreated waste into the MBBR™ Aerobic reactor.The final collection tank is used for the storage and disinfection of the purified effluent before this is used for irrigation.

CAPSULE treatment units can be installed above or below ground. They are available in three different sizes for 5, 10 & 20 inhabitants. Practically these units are maintenance free with very low energy consumption. CAPSULE treatment units cause no nuisance to the surrounding area due to their noiseless and odourless operation


 CAPSULE 5 5 Persons  2400 - 3250 mm  800 mm   84 W
CAPSULE 10 10 Persons 2400 - 3250 mm  800 mm 135 W
CAPSULE 20 20 Persons 2400 - 3250 mm  1000 mm 273 W