Pressure Multilayer Sand Filters

PRESSURE MULTILAYER SAND FILTERS are used for water treatment plants or as a tertiary polishing stage in wastewater treatments plants.

These filters are designed and sized according to the process requirements and therefore filtration and backwash rates vary. Air scouring can be included in the cleaning cycle with the use of air supply from a dedicated blower or external source. Units are delivered complete with the filtration media in dual or multilayer configurations. Pressure vessels are made in GRP, Epoxy coated carbon steel or stainless steel as per client specifications. Face piping can be made in UPVC, PE, galvanized steel or stainless steel. 

Access manholes are normally made available on filter top dome and bottom dome while in large size filters manholes can also be in fitted on the vertical side walls. Operation is normally automatic via a central controller with PLC and LCD display. Alternatively, manual valves can be incorporated. Bottom distribution is normally made with the use of special nozzles mounted on a plate covering the whole sectional area of the filter.

In smaller units lateral piping with nozzles can be used. Multiple filters can be supplied as complete systems for parallel operation or even dual filters connected in series for special applications.


 FILTER DIAMETERS  20”,  24”,  30”,  36”,  42”,  48”,  60” , 72” , Other or request
 VERTICAL HEIGTH  To client requirement
 OPERATION  Manual or automatic
 CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL  GRP, Carbon Steel epoxy coated, AISI304 or AISI316