Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

The right people with the right means in the right culture: Qualified and experienced engineers, skilled and trained technicians, competent and highly responsive management and administrative personnel comprise Euromarket's highly competitive team of professionals. Euromarket's people-oriented culture is reflected in a highly integrated professional team that allows for the most efficient application of advanced engineering concepts.

Only the best materials and original equipment: We source our raw materials and equipment after thorough evaluation and from reputable suppliers with whom we have established long term partnerships.

Extensive variety of state-of-the art treatment technologies: Our systems and equipment are based on the most proven, effective and efficient technologies the world of water and wastewater engineering can offer today. With a wide portfolio of technologies, our clients have no limitation in choosing the product and technology that meet their needs precisely.

Fully integrated production facility under the same roof with design department: Our premises house all functions and departments of the company including the in-house design and development of products, manufacturing and after sales support. Participation in research programs with Universities and other research institutions Through the years we have established cooperation agreements with several research organizations in a number of universities and other academic institutions. Through these research cooperation agreements we help in the commercialization of breakthrough technologies by providing insights with our expertise in applied engineering. At the same time, we remain constantly in touch and gain timely insight of emerging technological advances originating from pioneering academic research.

Over two decades of experience: Applied water and wastewater engineering is not merely a result of academic knowledge. The myriad of unique systems, processes and conditions in the realm of water and wastewater renders hard won empirical knowledge a most valuable asset. Euromarket brings to our clients a hands-on, empirical knowledge of water and wastewater engineering gained though two decades of broadly diverse experience. We consider our long experience as one of our most valuable assets.

Innovation in product design and processes: Our aim of continuously increasing the value delivered to our customers motivates our constant drive for implementing breakthrough technologies and steady incremental advancement of our existing line of products.

Attention-to-detail under a strict quality management system: We operate under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system since the beginning of 2002. The regular annual auditing under the Loyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd ensures that Euromarket's quality of work leaves nothing to chance. Our numerous happy customers are both the proof and the reward for our commitment to strict quality standards. 

Passion for protecting the environment: Our products and services aim to protect the environment. However, environmental protection is not simply the end goal of our products, but also a guiding principle in every aspect of our company operations. We choose testing, development and production processes, as well as business practices, aimed to minimize any potential environmental impacts.




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